No Idea Once Again: Hillary Didn't Know About the Trump Dossier

To quote Rush Limbaugh, 'It's amazing that the smartest women in the world is so damn ignorant'

Washington (CNN)
Hillary Clinton was unaware of the now-infamous dossier of allegations about Donald Trump and Russia prior to Buzzfeed's publishing of the document earlier this year, a source familiar with the matter has told CNN.

Clinton was disappointed that the research from the document was not made public before she lost the 2016 election, the source said.

The New York Times first reported on Wednesday that Clinton didn't know about the dossier until it was published, citing two associates who discussed the matter with her.

The news comes a day after the law firm representing the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee acknowledged it helped fund opposition research on President Donald Trump that ultimately resulted in the dossier.

CNN reported Tuesday that a source familiar with the matter said the law firm retained the intelligence firm Fusion GPS and entered "into an engagement for research services that began in April 2016 and concluded before the election in early November."


Clinton had no idea:

Hillary didn't know about the Trump dossier
Didn't know her emails contained classified information
Didn't know the "C" Mark on emails meant Confidential
Didn't know about IRS Targeting
Didn't know about Benghazi
Didn't know about Juanita Broaddrick
Didn't know about Kathleen Wiley
Didn't know about Gennifer Flowers
Didn't know about Monica Lewinsky
Didn't know about foreign donations to Clinton Foundation
Didn't know about Whitewater
Didn't know about Chinagate
Didn't know about 900 FBI files dug up on Repubs
Still doesn't know who hired Craig Livingstone
Didn't know about cattle futures
Didn't know about Rose Law Firm billing records
Didn't know about firing WH Travel Office
Didn't know how her hard drive was wiped clean
Didn't know about Donna Brazile leaking debate questions
Didn't know about rigged primaries in 2016
Didn't know about Harvey Weinstein