Former Clinton Press Sec.: Uranium One Story Has Been Debunked, Hillary Not Involved (VIDEO)

That's amazing.

On the Fox News Sunday Panel today, Dem strategist and former Clinton Press Sec. said there's nothing to see here. Sticking right to his Dem talking points, Mo said Hillary Clinton was not involved. He then is asked about the Dossier. Old Mo sticks to the script once again and said Democrats did it and so did Republicans. Fox Host Chris Wallace and some on the panel nearly erupt.

According to Huff Po, Mo Elleithee is a longtime Dem Spox and strategist-

"Mo Elleithee is a communications strategist who has been involved in some high-profile Democratic campaigns of the past fifteen years.

During the 2008 presidential election, Mo Elleithee was senior spokesman and traveling press secretary for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, where he served as lead spokesman on the campaign plane, interfacing between the candidate and her traveling press corp"