North Korea Threatens to Attack U.S. Power Grid

This comes 5 days after North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb and 2 days after North Korea promised to give the United States 'more gift packages' 

North Korea threatened an attack on the U.S. power grid using electromagnetic pulses to knock out electricity throughout America. The warning came directly from the state news agency.

Experts told the Fox News that North Korea could actually pull off the attack by detonating a hydrogen bomb at high altitude, which would create an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, that would knock out key infrastructure in parts of the United States.

"The biggest danger would be shorting out of the power grid, especially on the East Coast," Harry Kazianis, director of defense studies at the Center for the National Interest, told Fox News. "Imagine a situation where large sections of the U.S. had no power.”

"Imagine New York or Washington D.C. with no power for just a week. The implications would be hard to fathom. The casualty rates would be off the charts,"

An EMP can cause more damage at higher elevations, Fox News noted. A detonation at 250 miles, a distance of roughly of the International Space Station, could fry electronics in most of the U.S. along with parts of Canada and Mexico.