Napolitano: Trump's Puerto Rico Response 'Too Little Too Late’

Napolitano — appearing on the panel during Thursday’s Special Report — was speaking about Rivera’s reporting from Puerto Rico, chronicling the recovery efforts following Hurricane Maria. Rivera, in his segments, has criticized President Donald Trump for what he deems to be an inefficient response to the hurricane.

Judge Napolitano agrees.

“There is the perception, and it is based upon on the ground reporting by Geraldo and others that the president is more interested in other things — certainly was more interested in Irma and Harvey — then he has been in the catastrophe that’s become Puerto Rico,” Napolitano said.

While stating that Trump “has had a very bad week because of domestic political events,” Napolitano did say that he does believe that the President can recover politically.

Still, with respect to Puerto Rico, the judge’s verdict was clear.

“The impression is too little, too late, too below the radar screen for this White House"