Dick Morris: Obama Killed The Weapon Systems That Would Have Stopped North Korea

SDI, Strategic Defense Initiative, Star Wars...Obama wanted no part of it and neither did his anti-war feely goody liberal base. The very weapons systems that were designed to take out ICBMs, were curtailed by President Obama when he took office and Dick Morris says we are in a much tougher spot right now with North Korea because of it.

Morris says George W. Bush was putting in a modern version of SDI, the system that Reagan pushed way back in the 1980s. But Obama 'had a knee-jerk reaction' to anything Ronald Reagan and cut these defense systems and cut their funding.

"Barack Obama left us naked in the face of that threat" Morris says.


And Dick Morris is exactly right.
Here's O in his own words in 2007 PROMISING to get rid of 'unproven missile defense systems'
Left-wing insanity on full display here.