Ann Coulter: 'If We're Not Getting a Wall, I'd Prefer President Pence'

Trump on Thursday said he is working with Democratic leaders on a plan to protect illegal immigrant "Dreamers," and he said he won’t insist on funding the border wall as part of it.

“The wall will come later," Trump said as he departed the White House to travel to Florida to survey the Hurricane Irma recovery efforts. "We’re right now renovating large sections of wall, massive sections, making it brand new. We’re doing a lot of renovations. We’re building four different samples of the wall to see which one we’re going to choose, and the wall is going to be built. It'll be funded a little bit later."

Some Republican lawmakers expressed dismay at Trump working with Democrats on immigration and apparently putting one of his signature campaign promises on the back burner


Trump was strongly criticized by Ann Coulter, who was one of the most vocal supporters of his presidential campaign.

She took to twitter and tweeted out the word 'impeachment' and 'President Pence'