Trump in 1999: If We Don't Deal With NK Now, They Will Have Nuclear Missiles Pointed At NYC

Trump predicted the situation we're in today back in 1999

In a 1999 “Meet the Press” interview, Trump telegraphed how he would handle a confrontation with “wacko” North Korea.

He said he'd make attempts at stopping North Korea’s nuclear program at the time.

“They’re laughing at us,” he said. “They think we’re a bunch of dummies.”

He hinted at the necessity of military action if negotiations were to fail ― and suggested it would be best to act against North Korea before it had “warheads pointing all over the place.”
"You want to do something in 5 years? When they have warheads all over the place, every one of them pointed to New York City, to Washington? Is that when you want to do it? Or do you want to do something now"