PHOTO: Walmart Apologizes For Back-To-School Sign Posted Above Gun Cabinet

'Own the school year like a hero'

The location of the Walmart was Evansville, Indiana

Walmart has apologized and condemned a sign that appeared in one of its stores appearing to market guns as a back-to-school item.

The message - “Own the school year like a hero” – was photographed above a case of unidentified long guns in one of the US chain's stores.

Posted by Ismail Noorzai on Twitter, the picture caused outrage on social media, with users saying it was a reminder of the school tragedies at Sandy Hook and Columbine.

It is not clear in which store the sign was located and whether it had been taken down.

Walmart, one of the largest seller of firearms in the US, condemned the sign on Twitter and said action had been already been taken.

Walmart on Twitter responds:

But they also posted this tweet later. Something ain't right-