New CNN Poll That Hammers Trump - Samples Only 25% Republicans


Another headline (same poll)

Down this road again...

So, usually polls are taken to show a snapshot of what voters are thinking and what voters are saying. But today's polls, (especially when it's about Trump) are taken to use as a baton to beat Trump over the head with and make him look out of touch with the American people.

Here's how Fake News CNN began the piece
'Approval ratings are dismal'

Here's Anderson Cooper's chyron after the poll came out at 8:00 o'clock last night

"CNN Polling: Trump Job Approval Dips To 38%, Disapproval Hist 56%"

Let's take a quick look at the poll methodology

Here is how Fake News CNN gets Trump into the 30s

Only 25% of those surveyed are Republicans. 72% are not. (30% Dems, 42% Independent)

Here is the sleight of hand used by pollsters at CNN:
Trump's approval among Independents is down a full 20 points since January. And in this CNN Poll, he's minus 23 points (35% approve 58% disapprove)

The CNN Poll sampled
25% Republicans
30% Democrats
42% Independents?

When has there every been 42% Independents? That number is completely ridiculous. In the 2016 election, according to exit polls, 31% of voters said they were Independents.

Pollsters are inflating the Ind number knowing that Trump's approval among them has tanked.

This is how you get Trump's numbers down.
CNN Pollsters know the answer way before they ask the question.