Low Information: New Politico Poll Shows 52% Have 'Never Heard Of' Robert Mueller, 48% Have 'Never Heard of' Reince Priebus

There's a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll out today showing Democrats leading by 7 points on generic congressional ballot 44-37.

The new poll found that President Trump has a 42 percent approval rating and 53 percent, disapprove of the job the president is doing.

The poll was conducted from July 27 to 30 among 1,972 registered voters.

In the Crosstabs, they have a list of names, asking voters if they have a 'favorable' or 'unfavorable' opinion of that person. They've 'never heard of' some of these people who are literally on the news every few days.

This is who Rush Limbaugh calls 'low information' voters.

Steve Bannon - Ok, fair enough, it's Steve Bannon....

Jeff Sessions? 1/3 of Voters have 'never heard of' ???

Robert Mueller and his team of Democrats Attorneys will love this one...

Jared Kushner

Reince Priebus was RNC Chairman for 6 YEARS before joining Trump
Almost half have 'never heard of'  

Are you serious?
Kellyanne Conway...