Lindsey Graham: 'We She Be Politically Horsewhipped' If We Don't Try Repeal Again

Lindsey Graham wants to try again with a new repeal bill.  'We can do this'...And 'we should be politically horsewhipped' if we don't. Graham says R's have got until Sept. 30th and he calls on Trump to keep the heat on Obamacare repeal.

Sen. Lindsey Graham tells Fox News the Republicans deserve to be “politically horsewhipped” if they don't try again to repeal and replace ObamaCare -- and on Monday he revealed details of his new plan.

Despite rocky results in the Senate last week, Graham, R-S.C., is urging the Senate to continuing working on alternatives.

Speaking to Dana Perino on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” on Monday night, Graham advocated for his own alternative: a plan that he has assembled with Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy.

Under the Graham-Cassidy plan, federal dollars spent on Obamacare would be block-granted to states. Additionally, the individual and employer mandate would be repealed