Kathy Griffin is 'No Longer Sorry' For Infamous Trump Photo

Of course. And the video apology she posted in May was not remorse, it was a reaction to the firestorm she was getting at the time. Jump to today, firestorm over, she's not sorry.

How long before FAKE NEWS CNN announces she will be hosting New Year's Eve with Anderson?

Kathy Griffin would like a mulligan on her apology for her infamous photo with a bloody facsimile of Donald Trump’s head.

Back in May, the comedian was embroiled in a controversy that sparked a two-month federal investigation when images were released of her holding what very closely resembled the president’s head. Following the immediate backlash, she apologized, a move she now regrets.

“I am no longer sorry, the whole outrage was B.S., the whole thing got so blown out of proportion,” she shared on the Australian talk show Sunrise this week. “I lost everybody.”

Things then turned a bit contentious when Griffin mentioned the criticism she faced from people like Chelsea Clinton and Debra Messing. Co-host Samantha Armytage pointed out that neither of those two are Trump supporters, prompting the question of whether Griffin could understand why they’d view the photo as “over-the-line.”