Defense Sec. Mattis: 'We'll Take Out' Any Missiles Launched at Guam

MATTIS: "We'll know if it's going towards Guam within moments"

ABC News
Amid heightening rhetoric over an attack on the U.S. island territory of Guam, Secretary of Defense James Mattis told reporters Monday that his department will know “within moments” where a North Korean missile is headed, were it to be launched.

"We'll know if it's going towards Guam within moments," he said, adding later, "We know swiftly after it's launched where it's going to land."

Mattis also cautioned that “we'll take it out” if the missile is located heading to the U.S. territory off the coast of Philippines.

However, Mattis said that President Donald Trump would be the one to decide America’s response if the missile is found to have been launched into Guam's surroundings waters.

"Well, then it becomes an issue that we take up however the president chooses," he responded.