Trump Floats Possibility Of Giuliani Replacing Jeff Sessions As AG

Jeff Sessions was the very first senator to come out and support Trump. He endorsed him, traveled and campaigned with him. Everyone remembers that huge rally they had in Alabama very early on. He's been as loyal to Trump as anybody. Now there's word that Trump might cut Sessions loose and replace him with Rudy. I wouldn't be happy if I was Jeff Sessions.

President Trump has floated the possibility of replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions with his steadfast ally Rudy Giuliani to serve in the top Justice Department post, Axios reported Monday.

Trump broached the idea in internal discussions about bringing in and surrounding himself with staunch supporters, sources within the West Wing told the news outlet.

Before The New York Times interview last week, Trump had already expressed anger and frustration at Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation, Axios reports.

Trump, during the interview, opined that Sessions' decision to recuse himself was "unfair" to him and he would've likely picked another person to lead the Justice Department if he had known this is the move Sessions would make.

In a tweet on Monday, Trump went after Sessions, calling him “beleaguered” and questioned why the attorney general and federal investigators are not looking into Hillary Clinton for her “crimes” and ties to Russia.