Report: Trump and Sessions No Longer Speaking to Each Other

Back off Sessions?
He's doubling-down-
Politico reports Trump wants to fire Jeff Sessions

And check out the 4th paragraph from The Hill below. A source says that Trump wants to see how Sessions responds to 'humiliation'

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are not currently on speaking terms, Politico reported late Tuesday.

Sessions has told the White House he has no plans to resign even amid Trump’s attacks but hasn’t told Trump that himself, according to White House aides and advisers who spoke to the news outlet. Those sources told Politico Trump and Sessions have been sending messages through their aides.

"He wants to fire him but he doesn't want the confrontation," said one adviser who frequently speaks to Trump. "He doesn't mind the long negative storyline. He will torture him every single day."

The adviser said Trump also wants to see how Sessions will respond to humiliation.

Trump has ramped up his criticism of the nation's top law enforcement official in recent days, saying at a Tuesday press conference he was “disappointed” with him and that only “time will tell” his fate.