Report: McCain Huddled With Dems Before Vote - "Let's Get This Over With"

McCain walked onto the Senate floor late last night according to the report and gave no indication on how he'd vote. A couple Republicans, including Jeff Flake and Mike Pence walked up to press him on his vote. They were unsuccessful. McCain then walked over to a group of Dems and told them he's voting down the measure and 'let's get this over with'

TPM reported:

Before John McCain cast the deciding vote to kill the Senate’s effort to repeal Obamacare, he put on a dramatic show for onlookers, willfully ignoring pleas from his Republican colleagues on the Senate floor.

As he walked to the Senate floor to vote, McCain said he’d made his decision but gave no indication of how he would vote, simply telling reporters to “watch the show.” Once on the floor, it became clearer that McCain was prepared to vote down the “skinny repeal” bill after voicing his concern about passing it Thursday evening.

On the Senate floor, McCain’s colleague from Arizona, Sen. Jeff Flake, was sent to chat with him first, and after that appeared to be useless, Vice President Mike Pence tried to win McCain’s support for the legislation.

McCain also spoke with a group of Democrats huddled on the Senate floor, reportedly telling them that he would vote down the bill.

“Let’s get this over with,” he told the Democrats, according to senators who spoke with Politico. “I really want to do NDAA.”

As the Senate waited for the vote to take place, McCain walked off the Senate floor to take a call from President Donald Trump himself, Politico reported.