FLASHBACK VIDEO-----> NEW WH Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci Called Trump 'A Hack Politician' With a 'Big Mouth'

Mind boggling. 

Here's what Scaramucci said about Trump in 2015

-A hack politician
-Spews anti-American rhetoric
-A bully
-Talks bad about women
-Probably will choose Elizabeth Warren for VP
-Big mouth
-Possible Democratic plant for Hillary Clinton
-Class divider
-Will implode
-He'll be out before Iowa

Yeah, But Trump likes the way Scaramucci defends him on television.

Here's the video-
The man who is the new WH Comm Director goes on a non-stop anti-Trump tirade here.

And there's more.

It looks like the Great Scaramucci has also donated generously to DEMOCRATS
According to Open Secrets, he's given to:  

Hillary Clinton
Harry Reid
John Kerry
Chuck Schumer
Tom Daschle
And gave $2,300 to Obama for America in 2008.