Donny Deutsch Challenges Trump to a Fight ---"I'll Meet You in the Schoolyard"

Gee, that kinda sounds like he's threatening President Trump.
 It's not the first time this left wing hacks has said something stupid like this, Here Donny Deutsch on MSNBC. Even Joe and Mika don't want any part of what he's sayin' here.

The media feud between MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and President Trump took a bizarre turn Friday when guest Donny Deutsch requested a “schoolyard” fight.

Mr. Trump’s annoyance with show hosts Mika Brzezinski and fiancé Joe Scarborough’s White House coverage captured national headlines Thursday when he mocked the former for allegedly having a face-lift prior to a stay in Mar-a-Lago — one of several insults Mr. Deutsch said required physical combat.
If somebody said this to my daughter — once again I’m going to elevate the conversation — Donald, if you’re watching, we’re from Queens,” he said. “I’ll meet you in the schoolyard, brother. You need to be schooled.”
Both Ms. Brzezinski and Mr. Scarborough winced at the suggestion