WATCH----> Maxine Waters Hurries Past Protesters Following Town Hall Meeting

Protesters yell, 'TRAITOR' as she escapes out a back door into a waiting SUV, surrounded by security and police.

WATCH it all HERE---->

From Townhall's Arthur Schaper
Congresswoman Maxine Waters, aka Welfare Queen Maxine, held her second town hall in Gardena, CA

...For twenty minutes after her town hall, she could not escape from the building. She tried exiting one way, but we caught her off guard. As soon as the police walked out, then rolled back in, announcing “She’s not coming out.”

What is it, Maxine? I thought you weren’t afraid of anybody!” I taunted.

Finally, Gardena Police and her servile handlers guided her out a back door. The boos and hollering rang through the air. “Fire Maxine!” “James Brown wants his wig back!” echoed throughout the block. Some of our citizen-reporters chased her car all the way to the street.