VIDEO-----> U.S. Interceptor Missile Successfully Destroys Incoming ICBM

Successful test of a incoming mock warhead. The interceptor missile was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The Pentagon confirmed that it had successfully collided with an ICBM-class target launched from the Marshall Islands

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Pentagon scored an important success Tuesday in a test of its oft-criticized missile defense program, destroying a mock warhead over the Pacific Ocean with an interceptor that is key to protecting U.S. territory from a North Korean attack.

Vice Adm. Jim Syring, director of the Pentagon agency in charge of developing the missile defense system, called the test result "an incredible accomplishment" and a critical milestone for a program hampered by setbacks over the years.

"This system is vitally important to the defense of our homeland, and this test demonstrates that we have a capable, credible deterrent against a very real threat," Syring said in a written statement announcing the test result.


Flashback Obama:
"I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems'