VIDEO-----> Trump Haters CHEER As Man Savages Republican Congressman At NJ Town Hall

Note to R's ----> If your town hall is gonna be anything like this, just don't have one. 
Watch these Trump haters get whipped up into a frenzy. This was in New Jersey with Republican Congressman Tom MacAuthur

GOP Rep. Tom MacArthur returned to New Jersey for the Congressional recess to face a large crowd of furious constituents at a marathon five-hour town hall in Willingboro Wednesday night.

Like most town halls this week, the event was thoroughly documented on Twitter thanks to a number of reporters in attendance. The forum was contentious from the outset, with protestors arriving hours before the town hall to stage a “die-in”:

MacArthur was determined to face all of his constituents, reportedly telling them he would be answering questions for “as long as it goes.” It didn’t go very long before the crowd heckled him during a story about his daughter.