VIDEO----> Colorado Teacher Placed on Leave After Letting Students Hit a Trump Pinata

A High School teacher thought it would be a good idea to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by letting the Spanish class smash a Trump pinata.
The teacher has been placed on leave.
Watch the students whack the pinata here-

If you want to indoctrinate an entire population, you better start young. One creative teacher from Colorado has clearly taken that lesson (learned from the Nazis, of course) to heart:
A Weld County high school teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave after photos of a controversial Cinco de Mayo incident of students smashing a pinata with President Donald Trump's picture on it circulated online.

The name of the Trump-hating teacher hasn't been released, but Weld County School District RE-5J Johnstown-Milliken says an investigation will begin today. That sounds very impressive, of course, but you wonder what there is left to investigate, exactly. The evidence is clear: