Sen. Rand Paul: Susan Rice Should Testify Under Oath Amid Allegations

She'll just lie there too. And nothing happens to Dems when they lie under oath, ask Former AG Eric Holder, DNI James Clapper and Hillary Clinton, nothing.

Former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice should be grilled under oath about her reported requests to "unmask" Donald Trump associates contained in intelligence reports, according to Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

The Kentucky senator called the unmasking of Americans an "enormous deal," The Hill reported.

"I don't think we should discount how big a deal it was that Susan Rice was looking at these, and she needs to be asked, did President [Barack] Obama ask her to do this?" Paul said Monday, per The Hill. "Was this a directive from President Obama?"

"Is there a possibility that Susan Rice was politically motivated? Let's ask her why she was opening up all of the conversations with Trump transition figures," he added, saying the testimony should be "under oath on this."