Flashback: When Dems Celebrated Obama's 'Triumph' in Getting Rid of ALL Syrian Chemical Weapons

This video proves what an absolute fiasco the Obama presidency was. Everyone from Obama to John Kerry to Dem congressman celebrating the then Adm. removing 100% of the chemical weapons out of Syria. It was a lie then, it is a lie today.

Despite being humiliated by backing down on his pledge to initiate military action against Syria if they used chemical weapons, Democrats celebrated the removal of WMD from Syria by Russia as a triumph for President Obama.

What do you suppose they're thinking today following the largest poison gas attack by Syria against civilians last week?

Washington Free Beacon:

Rewind back to the fall of 2013, when the Obama administration was working with Syrian and Russian leaders to ensure that Assad's stockpile of chemical weapons would be turned over and destroyed. A deal was reached, and the Obama administration and fellow Democrats applauded the achievement. The deal was reached after President Barack Obama drew his now infamous "red-line," where he threatened military action against Assad if he used chemical weapons.

For several years, Democratic lawmakers and Obama administration officials touted that Syria turned over "100 percent" of its chemical weapon stockpile.