Radio Talker Michael Savage Attacked Outside SF Restaurant


Rich Lieberman reported:
Syndicated radio talker (heard on KSFO) Michael Savage was violently confronted and physically attacked by an unknown assailant last night (Tuesday) in a Marin County restaurant.

Savage was with his dog, "Teddy", and finishing up dinner at Servino Restaurant in Tiburon, CA (north of San Francisco) when the unnamed assailant charged up to Savage and began yelling, "Hey Weiner", making fun of Savage's legal last name. The attacker then kicked the poodle out of the way so he could get to Michael and then grabbed Savage and threw him to the ground, according to an eyewitness who watched the attack along with several restaurant patrons.

Savage was not seriously hurt and his dog is OK but the incident left him bloodied and shaken.
Lieberman was able to contact Savage's attorney, Dan Horowitz who told him, exclusively:

"We're going to seek felony charges against the man and we're going to investigate this as a Hate Crime because of Michael's political views."