McCain: Mexico Won't Pay For the Wall (VIDEO)

politico reported:
Sen. John McCain said Friday that Mexico paying for President Donald Trump’s oft-promised border wall is “not a viable option.”

When CNN’s Manu Raju asked the Arizona Republican whether it is a "viable option" for Mexico to pay for a border wall, McCain responded simply, “No.”

Trump continues to insist that Mexico will pay for his proposed border wall, despite the fact that Mexican leaders have made clear that they have no intention of doing so. McCain, one of Trump’s most vocal Republican critics in Congress, said Friday that he does not agree with the president on this front, either.

In the interview, McCain also voiced broader skepticism of the proposal, which critics — both conservative and liberal — have argued would be extraordinarily expensive but do little to solve problems along the border. (politico)

It was that long ago when McCain was all for that border fence...

In 2010, when he was facing a primary challenge from Republican J.D. Hayworth, McCain who was getting hammered for his support for amnesty, cut this campaign ad calling for the border fence to be completed. Here he is walking with Sheriff Paul Babeu along the Arizona border

McCain: 'Complete the danged fence!'