Trump: Receiving The Nuclear Codes 'A Very Sobering Moment' (VIDEO)

The nuclear codes, also called the nuclear football is a case that contains the launch codes needed for a U.S. nuclear strike. It is carried by and chained to a military officer and supposed to be near the president whenever he is away from the White House.

thehill  reported
President Donald Trump said that receiving the nuclear launch codes on Inauguration Day was a “sobering moment.”

“When they explain what is represents and the kind of destruction that you’re talking about, it is a very sobering moment, yes. It’s very, very scary, in a sense,” Trump told ABC News in an interview.

The nuclear codes, given to the president after the Oath of Office, allow the commander-in-chief to authorize a nuclear attack.

“No but it’s, I have confidence that I’ll do the right thing, the right job. But it’s a very, very scary thing,” he told ABC’s David Muir when asked if having access to the nuclear codes keeps him up at night.

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