Speaker Ryan on Trump's Keystone Pipeline Reversal: “It's About Time”

It is about time. President Obama in November 2015 rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline after a whopping 7 Years of environmental impact review. 

roll call
Donald Trump signaled Tuesday that jobs will come before environmental concerns under his watch by advancing a Canadian company’s application to build the Keystone XL pipeline and a Dallas-based firm’s Dakota Access pipeline.

Trump, speaking for the second consecutive day from the Oval Office, added a caveat, however. He said both approvals, a major win for congressional Republicans, are “subject to terms and conditions that will be negotiated by us.” 
 GOP lawmakers were eager to applaud the move.
“It's about time,” House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said in a statement. “The unfortunate reality is that these important infrastructure projects were used by special interests to advance their radical anti-energy agenda and were, therefore, needlessly halted by the last administration — to the detriment of America’s national interest. These pipelines will strengthen our nation’s energy supply and help keep energy costs low for American families.” 

Here's Trump in the Oval Office signing the executive orders on Keystone, he says the construction will create 28K jobs, President Trump later signed an EO related to the construction of the pipe, he wants that built in America, not shipped in from other countries.