Neil Cavuto: Now CNN Knows How Fox News Has Felt for Past 8 Years (VIDEO)

Fox’s Neil Cavuto today reacted to Donald Trump‘s feud with CNN by asking CNN if they now understand how Fox has felt the past eight years.

Trump scolded CNN’s Jim Acosta during a heated back-and-forth yesterday and said CNN was “fake news.” Acosta said incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer warned him against doing that again.

Cavuto asked today, “How does it feel to be dismissed, or worse, ignored? How does it feel when your feelings are hurt, when your reporters are singled out, and you’re treated unfairly and unkindly, even rudely?”

He ran a montage of President Obama taking shot after shot at Fox, even bringing up that major controversy concerning the DOJ and Fox’s own reporter James Rosen.

WATCH Neil Cavuto's take on Trump's press conference