WATCH------> Tucker Carlson Obliterates Professor Who Claims Trump Legitimized White Power Movement

Mismatch once again.
Tucker Carlson vs. the Professor.

Tucker Carlson Tonight Sunday, Carlson hosted a math professor at SUNY at Geneseo who declared in a letter to 600 of his colleagues that the Donald Trump supporters among them were civically irresponsible for ushering a white supremacist into the Presidency.

Professor Tony Macula claimed that Trump had legitimized the white power movement and was perceived to be their leader. Carlson gave him plenty of time to talk but in the end, the host couldn't elicit one substantial bit of evidence for Macula's accusation that Trump "embodies their movement" apart from the fact that Trump allegedly retweeted incorrect crime stats from a self-proclaimed white supremacist on Twitter

Watch as Tucker punches holes in his argument in seconds.