Trump to Meet with Rahm Emanuel At Trump Tower

WHAT?  Al Gore Tuesday and Rahm Emanuel today? What's next? A meeting with Rosie O'Donnell?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and President-elect Donald Trump will meet in New York City on Wednesday morning, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Emanuel was President Obama's chief of staff until the end of 2010, when he resigned to run for mayor of Chicago. He also served as a senior adviser to President Clinton.
Trump requested the meeting when he and Emanuel spoke last month, according to the Tribune.

"Mayor Emanuel will meet with the president-elect this morning when he is in New York for a series of other meetings," Emanuel spokesman Adam Collins told the Tribune.

"When they spoke a few weeks ago the president-elect asked for a meeting with the Mayor, as he has done with others who have significant experience in the White House and several other big city mayors.

Flashback 2011  I don't get it.