Pelosi: I Don't Think Democrats Want a New Direction

Even though they've been totally repudiated.

Since 2010, Democrats have lost 62 House seats and the speakership, 11 Senate seats and control, 11 Governorships and 900 State Legislative seats across the country.

And they put the same old dinosaurs back in the leadership positions...

Fox News
WASHINGTON – Nancy Pelosi just gave Republicans another reason for celebration.

The newly elected Minority Leader insisted Sunday Dems aren’t looking for a “new direction” even after the bruising Election Day defeats and a GOP monopoly in Washington.

A defiant — and possibly delusional — Pelosi stood firm about her party’s future when pressed with what she’ll do differently to deal with Democrat discontent.

“I don’t think people want a new direction,” Pelosi told CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “Our values unify us and our values are about supporting America’s working families.”

Pelosi was reelected Democratic Leader last week after a surprising challenge from Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan who argued Dems must do more to speak to working class voters in the rust belt and not just coastal liberal elites. Pelosi batted back the threat to her reign with 134-63 vote win, and has since downplayed the dire straits for the Democratic Party as cyclical changes.

Here's the interview:
CBS's John Dickerson says, you were just reelected, what do you say to Democrats who want a new direction? 'Democrats are getting clobbered'

At the 3:00 mark: