McConnell: I Didn’t Think Trump Had a Chance at Winning

Mitch tells Ky Television that he didn't think Republicans would hold the Senate either. Wow.

His reason for the Trump win? He says that Donald Trump found a way of reaching voters who felt ignored by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he never expected Donald Trump to win the presidential election.

"I didn’t think President Trump had a chance at winning,” McConnell said on Kentucky Education Television’s “One to One” late Monday. "It never occurred to me that he might be able to win."

 “I think that there was a lot of feeling among just ordinary people all across the country that the current administration didn’t care about them,” he said. 
“Trump was able to convey — oddly enough, a message from a billionaire who lives in Manhattan — a genuine concern for people who feel kind of left out, are sort of offended by all the political correctness they see around them and didn’t feel like this is the America that they’re accustomed to.”

McConnell also said during the interview that he thought that Republicans "would come up short" in their bid to hold the Senate.

"It was really exciting because you get more excited about things you don’t expect to occur.”