Flashback General Petraeus: Hillary Clinton Would 'Make a Tremendous President'

Deal breaker.

Why did General Petraeus think she'd make a tremendous president? Because she was (wait for it) 'resolute, determined, and controlled” in the wake of the Benghazi attack.

Anybody remember this?
Why isn't this being brought up?
This is as close to an endorsement as possible.

ABC's Jonathan Karl reported 2/9/2014

Among Republicans, there is no more popular general than David Petraeus, the commander credited for salvaging the Iraq war and the architect of the counter-insurgency strategy pursued by President Bush. Petraeus has always shied away from politics, but in a new book he is quoted lavishing so much praise on Hillary Clinton, he seems to be endorsing her as a candidate for President.

She’d make a tremendous president,” Petraeus says in the new book “HRC” by Jonathan Allen and Aimee Parnes.

And for Petraeus, Exhibit A in why she would be a tremendous president is the very thing for which Republicans most aggressively attack Clinton: her performance as Secretary of State when the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked.

“Like a lot of great leaders, her most impressive qualities were most visible during tough times,” Petraeus tells Allen and Parnes. “In the wake of the Benghazi attacks, for example, she was extraordinarily resolute, determined, and controlled.”

The book does not specify what, if anything, Petraeus had to say about the failure of the State Department to respond to repeated requests for improved security in Benghazi in the weeks and months before the attacks

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