CNBC’s John Harwood Blames ‘White Fear’ For Democratic Losses Under Obama

This guy's a piece of work. This is the same John Harwood who took credit, in an email to John Podesta, for knocking Trump off his game when he moderated a Republican debate in 2015.

NYT's writer and CNBC reporter John Harwood, whose closeness with the Clinton campaign was exposed by WikiLeaks, believes Democrats’ electoral failures under President Obama were due in part to “white fear.”

Harwood, who moderated one of the GOP presidential debates, listed on Twitter what he believes are four reasons for Democrats’ losses, the fourth of which was “Obama’s race amid white fear of cultural change.”

Harwood also blamed the financial situation Obama inherited eight years ago, “accumulated angst” over income stagnation, and “effective/unified [Republican] opposition, especially to Obamacare.” Harwood’s blaming of “racist” white voters for Republican electoral victories is similar to the excuses offered by Clinton campaign aides, who blamed “white supremacy” for their candidate’s second failed presidential campaign.

At the third GOP presidential debate, Harwood asked Donald Trump if he was running “a comic book version of a presidential campaign.” Harwood later bragged about provoking Trump during the debate in a December 2015 email to then-Clinton campaign chair John Podesta