Trump's Final Ad: 'The Argument For America'

Well, it's a great ad. A great closing statement by Trump. The only problem is, Trump should have been doing this since the day he became the presumptive nominee way back in May. He could have run so many different ads against Hillary Clinton it wouldn't have been funny. Following the Democratic Convention, Trump should have BLANKETED 10 battleground states with $100 million in ads, with every reminder of Hillary Clinton's 30 year history of corruption. He could have gone after her relentlessly and not allowed her to pull into a double-digit lead, which was uncontested by Trump except for his speeches on the campaign trail. She sat on a huge lead for weeks and ran negative ads against him that painted him into a corner. Trump didn't run his first campaign ad of the General election until August 19th, giving Hillary Clinton a huge head start. Trump, for some reason,  thought he didn't need to run ads, he just needed to fly into different cities and make speeches.  Why Trump, who has told us repeatedly that he's a billionaire,  didn't employ an all the above strategy,  I just don't know. I really don't.

Here's Trump's very last ad of the campaign-