Ted Cruz: 'The Voters Didn't Just Give Donald Trump a Win, It Was a Resounding Mandate' (VIDEO)

From the sound of this interview, it's fair to say that Trump and Ted Cruz have put all differences aside. Thank God... Give both Cruz and Trump credit for that.
Cruz says he would be happy to work with Trump in any capacity he could to deliver change for the American people.

Sen. Ted Cruz dismissed media reports - including by the New York Times - that President-elect Donald Trump's transition team is in disarray. Cruz, who met with his former GOP primary rival at Trump Tower, said on Fox & Friends today that the reports are "complete silliness," adding that it's not surprising that media critics are "throwing rocks" at the new president.

"They don't want the president to succeed," said Cruz, explaining that he observed many men and women working hard to accomplish the "enormous task" of setting up a new administration. He said he is "eager" to work with Trump in whatever capacity in which he can have the greatest impact defending the "principles of freedom and the Constitution."

"We've got to to deliver. It's put up or shut up," said Cruz