Steve Schmidt 3 Days Ago: Hillary Clinton Will Be Elected, Trump Should Begin Preparing a Concession Speech

What a genius. Phony Republican Steve Schmidt tells MSNBC that 'Hillary Clinton will be elected the 45th President' .... And Trump's massive crowds mean absolutely nothing.

'It will be a shattering defeat'...'There will be significant loses'

Trump should prepare his concession speech now Schmidt says

STEVE SCHMIDT: Well, look. I think when you look at this -- when you look at where the race is right now, Hillary Clinton will be elected the 45th president of the United States. And so now it's time, particularly because of the rhetoric from Donald Trump, about the rigged election, about his assaults on the process by which we choose the leaders.

I think they need to spend some serious time preparing a concession speech. And being focused on initiating in a dignified manner the peaceful transition of power which takes place on January 20th. The process commences when the losing candidate picks up the phone, calls the winning candidate. The first person who addresses Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night is Madam President-Elect that matters is Donald Trump. And he's indicated that he has no intention of conceding this election in a normal manner. And it's very dangerous for American democracy.