Zogby: Presidential Race is Far From Over

Zogby: We don't know who's going to vote

It's still too early to say who will win the presidential election despite several polls and the national polling average tipping the scales toward Democrat Hillary Clinton, pollster John Zogby told Newsmax TV.

During an appearance on "America Talks Live," Zogby told host J.D. Hayworth 18 days between now and election day is a long time.

"I've been doing this a long, long time and these races go up and down and up and down," Zogby said. "We still have 18 days to go, that means 18, maybe 36 news cycles as well.

"You see still a very passionate Donald Trump support, I see three credible polls that are out there that show Donald Trump getting 85, 89 percent of Republican support, winning among whites, winning by double digits among men, leading in two of those polls tied in another.

"For the umpteenth time, it's way too early and we don't know who's going to vote."

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