VIDEO-----> Newt Gingrich GOES OFF On Megyn Kelly Over Trump Allegations: "YOU ARE FASCINATED WITH SEX"

Has Megyn Kelly EVER been more snotty during an interview than tonight with Newt? I don't think so, and I am absolutely done with her.

Watch the fireworks from Newt Gingrich after Megyn asks if Trump is a sexual predator.

Newt says, “I’m sick and tired of people like you using language that’s inflammatory that’s not true! When you use the words, you took a position. And I think it’s very unfair of you to do that, Megyn!”

Megyn Kelly replies, “Your defensiveness on this may speak volumes, sir.”

They kept going, and Gingrich challenged her, “You wanna go back through the tapes of your show recently? You are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy! That’s what I get out of watching you tonight!”