Trump: Islamic State May Take Over U.S. if Hillary Clinton Wins

Trump: If Hillary wins, the United States is vulnerable

Donald Trump did not hold back at a Florida rally on Wednesday, attacking Hillary Clinton as "corrupt," the media as "dishonest," the Republican Congress as ineffective — and the entire country as vulnerable to a takeover by the Islamic State if Clinton wins the Nov. 8 election.

"They are hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes president of the United States, because they’ll take over not only that part of the world, they’ll take over this country," Trump told backers in Ocala, Fla.

Repeatedly predicting dire consequences if he loses the election, Trump said at one point that "our country has never been so low" and "I'm ashamed with what's happened to our country, and so are you."

Citing the WikiLeaks document dumps of emails from the Clinton campaign, Trump recited a litany of accusations that include double dealing and special favors for contributors to the Clinton Foundation, "cashing in" on government service, and claims that the Justice Department protected the former secretary of State during the email investigation