Trump Goes On ABC News And Is Asked About An Apology To Khizr Khan

You have got to be out of your mind to go and do an interview with Stephanopoulos with 2 weeks to go until the election. Hey Donald, Stephanopoulos was part of the CLINTON WAR ROOM, he has ONE GOAL, to throw you a curve ball and knock you off your game, and that is exactly what he did, bringing up the Khan family? How did that work out for you in August Donald?

This is absolutely mind-boggling. Trump is obviously not listening to anybody but himself. There is NOTHING to gain by going on with Stephanopoulos. This would be like Hillary Clinton agreeing to do an interview with Ann Coulter with 2 weeks to go in the election. It would NEVER happen.

Here it is. Stephanopoulos brings up apologizing to the Khan family