Newt to Trump: If You Want to Be President, You've Got To Be Presidential, 'You Can't Tweet At 3 O'Clock in the Morning, Period'

Newt with some much needed straight talk --- hammering Trump for what he calls 'a lost week,' taking the bait from Hillary Clinton, getting into the mud and going after the woman from 20 years ago. Gingrich says if Trump keeps this strategy up, he won't win the presidency. He's got to change Newt says--->

-Trump must prove to the voters that he is capable of being President
-If he wants to 'be himself,' he may not win
-Quit tweeting at 3 in the morning
-Quit taking the bait
-Stay out of the mud
-Trump must subordinate himself
-Trump has got to be much more disciplined
-He has got to look at the game film of the last debate and find out what went wrong
-Trump got sucked into the ambush about a beauty queen from 20 years ago
-He should sidestep the ambush and talk about jobs
-He's got to put his reactions aside

Watch Newt give advice to Trump here--->
Donald, if you want to win.....