New Fox News Poll: Clinton Lead Over Trump Down To 3 Points

Clinton's lead was 7 in early October, 6 in mid-October and is now 3 today.

Here are the numbers from the new Fox Poll out tonight

Hillary Clinton's 3 points ahead of Donald Trump nationwide with less than two weeks until Election Day, according to new poll.

Clinton squeaks past Trump 44 percent to 41 percent, within the margin of error, in the Fox News survey released Wednesday.

Ten percent back a third-party candidate, while four percent remain undecided heading toward the end of the 2016 race.

Forty-nine percent back the former secretary of State in that scenario, versus 44 percent who favor Trump. Wednesday’s results also found voters think Clinton is the better option for the White House when matched with Trump.

Sixty-four percent say Clinton is qualified for the presidency, while 62 percent say she has the temperament for the job, and 56 percent are confident in her judgment during a crisis.