Flashback July: Hillary Clinton Campaign Blasted Republicans For "Challenging The Integrity of the Director of the FBI"

That page at hillaryclinton.com (above) has now been DELETED

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July 6th, right after FBI Director Comey's press conference, where he decided against bringing charges against Hillary Clinton...

The Clinton camp pounced on Republicans for criticizing FBI Director James Comey

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Hillary for America is releasing a new web video Wednesday exposing the hypocrisy and pure partisanship behind House Republicans’ newly announced hearing to second-guess FBI Director James Comey’s decision in the matter of Secretary Clinton’s emails.

House Oversight  Chairman Jason Chaffetz, who is convening tomorrow’s hearing, had previously praised Comey on multiple occasions and said that House Republicans would accept his recommendation as the final word. He said this to Fox News as recently as June 6th: “[Comey’s] finger is on the pulse of this. Nothing happens without him, and I think he is going to be the definitive person to make a determination or a recommendation.”

Shockingly, Chaffetz has not stood by that. After Comey’s announcement, Chaffetz told Fox News on July 5th that he was “confused” by the recommendation, and asked of Comey, “Why not hand that to the prosecutors and let them make the political decision?”

Just like the Benghazi Committee before them, Chaffetz and his fellow Republicans refuse to accept the findings from any independent investigation if it doesn’t fit their partisan conspiracy theory. They are so desperate to continue attacking Hillary Clinton over the issue of her emails that they are contradicting themselves in challenging the integrity of the Director of the FBI.

That final paragraph says it all. Chaffetz 'challenging the integrity' of the FBI Director. The same FBI Director that the Clinton campaign and the Democrats are all slamming right now...