Colin Powell Says He Will Vote For Hillary Clinton

Oh what a shocker. Powell endorsed Obama in 2008, Obama in 2012 and now Hillary Clinton in 2016. Not surprisingly, this jackass still thinks he's a 'Republican' according to the article. He's about as much a Republican as Harry Reid is.

So what stands out about this endorsement? Oh yes, the date. Exactly 2 weeks before the election, he announces he's voting for Hillary. He would never announce this in June or July. Colin Powell likes to see what horse is leading coming down the stretch before he goes and places his bet. Just like 2008.  

(CNN) — Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday he'll vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a high-profile snub of his party's standard-bearer, Donald Trump.

Powell, who also served in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, backed President Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns. He announced his plan to a Long Island group during a luncheon.

The announcement was confirmed by Powell's chief of staff. Aides informed Clinton of Powell's support after her early voting rally in Florida. She is grateful for his support, one aide said.

Later, Clinton's campaign tweeted, "Proud to have the endorsement of General Powell, a decorated soldier and distinguished statesman"

Despite Powell's support for the Democratic presidential nominee in the last three cycles, he insisted in September 2015 that he was still a Republican.

"I'm still a Republican because I believe in a strong defense, because I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit that is so typical of the Republican Party in the past," Powell said at the time.