Clinton Campaign Has 4 Times As Many Paid Staffers in Battleground States As Donald Trump

Hillary has a ground game of 5,138, Trump has 1,409

Ball game. If you think you can fly in and make speeches and that will be a substitute for field offices,  a huge ground game and a massive get out the vote effort, you are sadly mistaken, and everybody knows it but Donald Trump. This should have, should have been one of the VERY FIRST things he should have done RIGHT AFTER clinching the Republican Party nomination on May 26th. If Trump isn't going to MATCH or exceed the Dem turnout machine, and that's exactly what it is, a machine, he has no chance and he has no one to blame but himself

...Shaking my head once again. Here is the story below.

Hillary Clinton presidential campaign has built a field team in swing-states across the country that is larger than a U.S. Army brigade, giving her a huge advantage over Republican Donald Trump on Election Day

Between Clinton’s presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee and state party operations, campaign finance reports show Democrats employ 5,138 staffers across 15 battleground states. 
“Campaigns are won on the ground which is why we invested early to organize and register voters in this historic election,” said Lily Adams, a spokeswoman for Clinton’s campaign.

By contrast, Trump’s campaign, the Republican National Committee and state parties employ just 1,409 staffers in 16 states. Lindsay Walters, an RNC spokeswoman, said the RNC has paid staffers in 24 states across the country.

Trump’s campaign has shown little interest in investing in a ground operation