ABC Tracking Poll: Trump Surges, Cuts Hillary Lead

4 point race. This is the same ABC News/WAPO poll that tried to tell us Hillary was ahead by 12 just 3 DAYS AGO.

She is gonna try to run out the clock on Trump and hope her numbers hold.

Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump has shrunk to just 4 percentage points, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll released Friday.

The results:
Clinton: 48 percent;
Trump: 44 percent.

"The results show sharp differences from the first four nights of tracking — immediately after a very difficult two weeks for Trump — compared with the past three nights, as those controversies have receded to some extent," ABC News reports.

"Given that these are the two least popular presidential candidates in ABC/Post polling history, ambivalence about turning out looks to be a factor."

Many voters are concerned about election fraud, but most of them are Trump supporters.

Among Clinton supporters:
-Confident in vote count: 94 percent;
-Not confident: 5 percent;
-Fraud uncommon: 87 percent.

By contrast, Trump supporters:
-Confident in vote count: 52 percent;
-Not confident: 47 percent;
-Fraud uncommon: 29 percent
Gap closing--