WATCH: CBS Evening News Edits Out Bill Clinton Saying Hillary "Frequently" Had Dizziness

In the tank. The Clinton Broadcasting System covers for Bill when he says Hillary 'frequently' faints from dehydration.
It's edited right out of the CBS Evening News. Watch the 2 clips below.

Bill Clinton sat down with CBS’s Charlie Rose on Monday evening and said that Hillary Clinton “frequently” faints because of dehydration, but the word “frequently” was edited out of that night’s broadcast, TMZ reported.

In a longer version of the interview that aired Tuesday on CBS This Morning, “frequently” was not removed.

Rose got straight to the point with the former president during the interview, asking how Hillary was doing after she fainted Sunday at a 9/11 memorial event and confessed that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. Clinton said that his wife was doing fine but added that she frequently faints because of dehydration