Kasich Won't Say Whether He's Voting For Clinton or Trump

What a disaster. Here is the sitting governor of a swing state that could decide the election and he's not gonna endorse Trump, even at this stage of the game, because Trump said some mean things about him in the primary. John Kasich you're a joke.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) won't whether he is casting his vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton or GOP rival Donald Trump. "I'll let you know," Kasich, who dropped his own presidential bid earlier this year, told MSNBC's Brian Williams late Tuesday when asked who he would vote for if the election were held tomorrow.

"I'm going to let everybody know what I decide to do in terms of casting a vote. But you know, right now, my actions have spoken a lot louder than any words. And we'll see how this all goes and we'll let you know at the appropriate time."

Kasich has declined to endorse his party's nominee. The Ohio governor also didn't attend the Republican National Convention held in his state.

In July, the Ohio governor said he takes "no joy in the fact that I've had to stake out this position of nonendorsement."

"Maybe it will change," he said in a July interview on MSNBC.